Things I’ll miss about Fyling Hall

With Half Term fast approaching, I already know that there are things I’ll miss about Fyling Hall. I will go back to Spain for ten days. I am so excited, I want to see my friends and family, but these are some of the things I shall miss.

For example, the teachers. It is very motivating to see that my teachers truly care and want us to improve our English and learn new things. It has inspired me to keep working, so that one day I can do something that I am just as passionate about.

Another thing I will miss is that here, I never get bored. I feel a lot of things at boarding school. Sometimes I feel quite stressed, but rarely do I ever feel bored, because we all live in the same building. I can always talk with my friends or go for a walk.

Paloma and her friends had a great time at their recent BBQ on Robin Hood’s Bay Beach

Finally, of all things I’ll miss about Fyling Hall, I will miss my friends the most. I know that it is just ten days, but it is going to be weird because right now I see them every single day, but in Spain I won’t. I feel extremely lucky to have met such an amazing group of people. They have become a family away from home to me, even though we are all so different and come from very different countries.

Paloma, Year 10