bee flowers 002Having studied the life cycles of flowering plants and animal habitats in their Science lessons, Form 3 enjoyed an educational and highly entertaining afternoon in the rose garden, where Mr Stephenson introduced them to the school bees. Everyone learnt a great deal, and perhaps some may even decide to become keen beekeepers in the future.

JENNA: I was surprised to find out that bees work at airports sniffing out explosives. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing the protective hat and gloves.

LEON: A Queen bee lives for about 4 to 5 years. I thought it was funny when Mr Stephenson said he talked to the bees.

BEN: I was shocked when I heard that the male bee dies after he mates with a female. I loved trying on the suit. Thank you Mr Stephenson.

PHOEBE: I found out that 60,000 bees can live in a single hive. I enjoyed wearing the hat and gloves.

LEWIS: I learned that the varrora mite has infected many bee colonies. I particularly enjoyed looking at all the equipment.bee flowers 013

GABRIEL: To start up as a bee keeper it would cost at least £700. I really liked putting on the special clothes but I would still not feel safe with them on.

The class were fascinated by a national Bee Summit which was held the following day where the consensus was that the enduring wet weather, combined with the varrora mite, were possibly responsible for the decline in the numbers of bees. Meanwhile we are looking forward to tasting honey in our school desserts.

Thank you Mr Stephenson for another exciting lesson. We are so lucky to be able to share your enthusiasm and expertise.