‘Birdsong’: York Theatre
On Monday 24th March a group of year 11, 12 and 13 puplis went to York Theatre Royal to see the premiere of the emotionally draining theatre production, ‘Birdsong’. The story focuses on a tremendous love story set in the Great War. The production starts half way through the novel, written by Sebastian Faulks, and uses flashbacks to tell us the dramatic story. Powerful lighting and sound effects were used, which made the performance visually and emotionally exhilarating. The acting was superb, and it made the story even more believable and interesting to watch. A particularly good effect was used during any intimate moments between the characters: a chilling echo of a bird’s call could be heard. This made the performance quite surreal. The most engaging scene was during the final few minutes when the realisation that the war was over had sunk in for the characters. This emotion was conveyed to the audience and left us all feeling moved. Even some of our Year 11 boys were moved to tears!”
Megan Cammack, Year 11.
Charity Fundraising
“Our Year 11 form was asked by the school Charity Committee to make as much money as possible for a charity using £20 – other forms have been doing the same. After some ‘brainstorming’, we decided that a ‘slave’ auction and a car wash were the best of the options. For the auction, we chose a selection of students willing to follow around the highest bidder for three days, appealing to their every whim (within reason and school rules). In total, surprisingly, we raised over £60, through a very heated bidding war between 6th Form students and staff. The victims were then made to have their nails painted, make tea, have layers of make-up applied, take trips to the school shop and even to paint the walls of classrooms.
​The car wash was less successful (although more fun), having only raised £24. The staff and one silly student entrusted us with their cars for an hour and a half. Once they got over minor soap stains and a large portion of remaining dirt, they happily decided that charity is a good cause, and gave their donations to our forms.
​So, in total, Fyling Hall’s Year 11 group raised £84 to the school’s charity box.

Greg Dallaway Year 11