Last night year 9-12 students went to see Karaoke Theatre Company at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough.

The performance was different to anything that we had seen before because the audience took part in the show as well as the actors. Audience members performed the sound effects, read narration and in one case took on a whole role in the show.

Fyling Hall students had a special opportunity to join the company in rehearsals before the summer holidays so for some of us it was fun to see how it had developed. Maeve said “the costumes were awesome and really added to the show”

Charly loved that it was a bit different seeing lots of scenes not just one play.  And the audience having something to do was really fun too.  Charles got to be a fire sound effects and Georgina was part of a winning tennis team playing the ball. Kai, Charlotte and Giulia  took larger roles in a dubbed performance, reading in the lines and Connor was a narrator in a Gothic horror.

Over all it was a different show to anything that anyone had seen before, and we truly recommended it for anyone.

Year 11 drama students.