Year 8 pupil, Thea Fenwick, has every reason to be shouting about her latest skiing achievements recently. However the 3 medals that she won at the British Championships have not altered her modest and shy character….It looks like we will have ‘shout’ about her impressive achievements instead then!



Thea spent three months living in Italy and skiing in the shadow of Mont Blanc; all in preparation for the British Championships which were held in March. Leading up to the competition, Thea followed a punishing programme: skiing up to 6 days a week training in the snow park as well as speed training and powder skiing.


The British Championships were held in France and Thea competed in the ski cross, slope style and half pipe events.

The Ski Cross was entered as a fun event as it is not Thea’s specialism. Nevertheless, she won her semi-final and took the bronze medal in the final.

Slope style was Thea’s main event. She was the only girl of her age to jump the 18 metre kicker! Thea also performed ‘switch’ (backwards) 180 ̊ jumps across 8 metre gaps. As a result, Thea won the gold medal by a clear margin.

The Halfpipe event was very difficult to train for because so few of the courses exist. Despite only having a few hours training, Thea attacked the terrifyuing 22 metre high walls and took another gold medal!

3 events 3 medals!

The Future

Thea is now training for the indoor championships over the summer and participating in trials for the England team.

We are very proud of you Thea.