The Year of the Tiger

There were celebrations across Fyling Hall to honour the Year of the Tiger. From our Junior School to our ESL classrooms to our boarding houses, take a look at this year’s Lunar New Year festivities . . .

Lunar New Year is always an important date in our calendar. Our Headmaster, Mr Allen, commented, “I want(ed) to make a celebration of this particularly for the boarding pupils. Some of the pupils have not been home for a long time and so this is a crucial day to raise spirits.” Making it a true school community event, ESL Teacher, Miss Havelock worked with students and staff to make it a special day. Special thanks to our kitchen staff who worked with willing students to prepare a fantastic celebratory meal.

But don’t just take our word for it, what did our boarders think?

Last night was Lunar New Year and to celebrate it we ate some traditional Chinese food with chopsticks, and we did some activities such as a quiz and making origami tigers. I really enjoyed it because we learned things about Asia whilst playing games – and the food was delicious!

Laura, Spain

Last night we celebrated Lunar New Year, and I liked it. We had noodles to eat with chopsticks and an interesting desert, which was typically Chinese. After this there was a quiz. Then we played a game through different classrooms and made origami. At the end we got chocolate, which was the best. I really liked the evening.

Martha, Germany.

Yesterday was Lunar New Year. We practised how to use chopsticks by eating grapes. It was very funny. After that we had some delicious Chinese food – beef noodles and rice balls for dessert. At 6:30pm we went back to the dining room and we celebrated. We did a quiz, and after that we did a treasure hunt and ran around school. At the end we made some origami tigers and at the end we got red envelopes with chocolate in. It was a great experience and something new for me – it was amazing!

Ana, Germany

I enjoyed the activities and the good yesterday. We had beef noodles; they were delicious, and black sesame soup. It was so sweet with the sweet dumplings. After that we had a treasure hunt, it was wonderful. .

Marcus, Hong Kong

Yesterday, 1st of February 2022 (which is the first day of the New Year for many Asian people), we celebrated with events such as eating Asian food, doing a quiz, and a game which consisted of searching for clues around places in school. We also learned how to say happy new year in Cantonese.

Leo, Spain

Yesterday was wonderful, the food was similar to the food in Hong Kong. The quiz was fun because I made it. Everything was great. Everyone felt happy.

Jason, Hong Kong

We celebrated Lunar New Year eating noodles with beef and for desert rice balls. It was not bad. After that we played some games, which were very fun and interesting. I really enjoyed helping to decorate the dining room and teaching students how to use chopsticks.

Liza, Russia.

Yesterday it was Lunar New Year. So we celebrated in the dining room with some Chinese food and games. It was very interesting. First of all, we had Chinese beef noodles for dinner. It was pretty good, though it did taste different to the food in Hong Kong. Then we had rice balls for dessert, which was quite similar to Hong Kong. Then we had games and a 20 question quiz. My group got 14/20, which was good. Finally we had an origami tiger competition because this year is the year of the tiger. Lastly, Miss Havelock gave all of us red packets but unfortunately not filled with money!

Keith, Hong Kong

Wishing you and yours luck in the Year of the Tiger!