The resumption of old rivalries

July 1st saw the resumption of old rivalries once again facing each other.  Reds versus Blues in the annual Sports Day.  For the Blues this was not just a two year wait to see if they could prise the Athletics cup away from the Reds, but to put an end to an 10 year losing streak!  On paper the Blues had an excellent chance of winning this year, but as history has told this has not been the case, even in years gone by where a victory had been expected but not delivered.  The Reds seem to always peak when it matters most!

Sports Day Briefing

There was much anticipation amongst pupils who all take part and contribute towards their teams total. The tone for the afternoon was very much set by returning 6th Form pupils.  They led by example taking part in every event.  This provided motivation for the key stage 3 pupils, it is always an impressive site for a year 7 pupil to see a 6th form pupil tear down the 100 metre track in 12 seconds!

After the first round had been completed there was a feeling of “I can do this!” The mood began to change as this was not just an afternoon for taking part, competitiveness returned to what has been lacking over the past 15 months.  It is not every sports day when a record is broken, but this year 2 would fall, both in the 300 metres by Marie in Year 10 and Oscar in Year 9.  There were some excellent individual performances and the relays did not disappoint, with the drama of dropped batons making the closing stages all the more tense.

In the end there could only be one winner.  Reds set a target of 2763, but the Blues spurred on by their captain, Rory, took the trophy winning with an impressive 3075 points.  The resumption of old rivalries was a great afternoon!

Marcus Coates, Head of Physical Education