The Pirate Game

Have you heard of The Pirate Game? Introduced by Mr Parker to Years 7 & 8 pupils, the Pirate Game is a fun and engaging way to learn maths. It is all about thinking what others could have and guessing, mixed with chance.

the Pirate Game

In pirate terms, you lie, steal and earn your way to the top by gaining friends and making enemies or targets. As Mr Parker explains, “then by gaining certain actions you can then use them to your advantage to gain leverage over your opponents. Banking your score is the only way to protect your money. You can only do it once and most don’t get to chose when.”

the Pirate Game
This is the moment when Marley robbed Dee (the one looking worried). and Dee had a mirror (which meant she robbed him)!

As you can see, our pupils quite enjoy the Pirate Game, making maths fun!