The opportunity to take part in athletics

As the summer term is now well underway it has given the pupils the opportunity to take part in athletics. Whilst the thought of running around a track does not always thrill the masses, the great advantage of athletics is that there is an event for everyone, whether that be throwing a javelin or sprinting the 100 metres. It is an excellent inclusive activity that offers the chance to be written into the history books and achieve a school record, some of which have now stood for almost 50 years! Many pupils have not had the chance to participate in these events for nearly three years. In light of this, it was fantastic to see several of our pupils once again compete at the Scarborough and District Athletics trials. Pupils would compete as juniors (years 8 & 9) or intermediates (years 10 & 11), with the top two in each event earning the opportunity to represent Scarborough and District at the upcoming inter-county event in June.

Athlete of the Day, Neve

There were some very good performances on the day, but Neve in year 10 was arguably the Athlete of the Day. Neve was allowed to compete in a maximum of three events, choosing Long Jump, Triple Jump and 100 metres. In all three events, she placed 1st! Whilst her performances were outstanding as Neve does have the potential to compete at a high standard, it was her casual manner that took me more by surprise when she said “I suppose it’s quite good.” Yes, Neve, the opportunity to take part in athletics very good!

Marcus CoatesHead of Games