The new kid on the block

Ever wondered what it is like to be the new kid on the block? Luka is one of our newest international students. It is fair to say that he has truly embraced Fyling Hall life. Have a read on his initial impressions.

My name is Luka, and I am a new boarder in Fyling Hall School. I was born in Russia and studied there for 10 years so I can compare Fyling Hall to my previous schools. First of all, I can say that Fyling Hall is better than any Russian school in all ways.

As I am a boarder, living conditions are important, and I can say that they are good, not perfect, but good. Meals are nice and include different cuisines, so there is variety. Another thing that I liked were the classrooms, they are clean and very well equipped, especially the science classes. The amount of different subjects to choose from is really large. Personally, I liked games and history.

So to sum up, I can say that conditions for boarders to study in are very good and the variety of things to do is just incredible.

With a family like Fyling Hall, being the new kid on the block is a great child to be!

meet the new kid on the block