Fyling Hall was visited by representatives of the Royal Navy on Monday the 8th.

The visit was designed to inform us about the kind of opportunities that the Royal Navy offer, not only in terms of travel but also in terms of the kind of qualifications you can gain in the Royal Navy which will help you in later life. The two representatives also took the Year 11s and 6th formers out of lessons for some enrichment activities.

First we watched a presentation which showed some of the work the Navy do including combating pirates and drug traffickers, keeping trade routes open and defending British interests. Then we were divided into two groups. One group went into the sports hall and one into the science labs. After one hour we switched over. In the sports hall we took part in team building activities designed to help us learn skills which are invaluable in the Navy. In the science labs we practised another important skill in the Navy: engineering. In groups, we looked at the different ways a fan can be designed to drive an engine before trying out our designs on an actual engine brought in by the Navy visitor. Asia in year 13 said “I really enjoyed finding out about how engineering can be used in real life terms.”

Overall, a lot of pupils enjoyed the visit and some are now considering a career in the Royal Navy once they finish school.

Sandy Williams (Year 11)


navy visit 2

navy visit 3

navy visit 4

Navy visit