Junior orchestra

We are pleased to announce that Heather Ridley-Siddall (Y3) was awarded the Festival Bursary. Congratulations to one of Miss Stewart’s youngest pianists!

Eskdale Festival 2017 – the Junior School results:-

Music Result
Form 1 Singing Games 1st
Junior Choir

Thank-you to Miss Stewart for sympathetic piano accompaniment!

Junior Orchestra Fyling Hall Junior School 1st
Y3 recorder solo Anya Legg 3rd
Y5 recorder solo Ewan Wormald 3rd
Y5 recorder solo James Brine 2nd
Y6 recorder solo Tomas Richardson 2nd
Y6 recorder solo Toby Richardson 2nd
Y6 recorder solo Ruby Wormald 1st
Trombone solo Ewan Wormald 3rd
Alto sax solo Ruby Wormald 1st
Recorder ensemble  Toby, Tomas, Ruby, Ewan 1st
Vocal solo Ali El Hawary 1st
Vocal solo – folk song Ali El Hawary 2nd
Vocal solo – show song Ali El Hawary 3rd
Piano solo Tomas Richardson 2nd
Piano solo Toby Richardson 2nd
Piano solo James Brine   – commended
Piano solo Heather Ridley Siddall                       1st  – awarded Festival Bursary
Spoken word  
Choral speaking Forms 2 & 3 1st
Y6 verse speaking Toby Richardson – commended  
Y6 verse speaking Tomas Richardson

Ali El Hawary

Ruby Wormald

Sonny Wilson

Shared poetry Tomas Richardson & James Brine 1st
Toby Richardson & Ewan Wormald 2nd
Bella Watson & Mabel Instone – commended