The importance of location

One cannot over emphasise the importance of location.  Children must be motivated and encouraged to have the self-belief that they can succeed, in an environment that offers independence, success, individuality, teamwork, self-sufficiency, lifetime friendships, confidence and opportunities to experience a wide range of activities.

Looking beyond London and to the North of England, education opportunities abound, and access is not as challenging as some might think.  The benefit is an environment which gives security, confidence, focus and wellbeing. Indeed, few locations compare with England’s North York Moors National Park in offering these advantages.  It is increasingly recognised that National Parks such as the North York Moors have a crucial role in connecting people with nature, raising activity levels, facilitating outdoor recreation, and providing space for tranquillity. 

the importance of location

As the Park Authority states, “The North York Moors is a special place, forged by nature, shaped over generations – where peace and beauty rub shoulders with a rich history and a warm welcome.”  Within the Park one finds the Yorkshire Coast.  This very special 26-mile strip of heritage coastline is sandwiched between beautiful moorland and the North Sea.  This location. . . known to many a Brit for their childhood seaside holidays  . . . is rich in tradition and serenity.  It is here that you will find Fyling Hall School. 

You get the Fyling Hall wow factor about half a mile from the school. It comes at the precise moment you drive over the brow of the hill – and there stretched out below you is the most wondrous sight, a stunning advert for the Yorkshire Coast.  It’s the sweep of land from Robin Hood’s Bay round to Ravenscar – of fond memory.  If the great American educational freethinker, Henry David Thoreau, in his seminal book Walden, was right that we learn best in beautiful surroundings, then Fyling Hall must be a prime place to study.

Fyling Hall, less than two hours and a half from Manchester by car, is a very special place to live and study. Set in an idyllic environment, 45 acres of wooded grounds overlooking the sea, we are a co-educational boarding school, with around 160 pupils aged 4-18 years old.

Our most recent inspection recognised our firm commitment to strong academic achievement, but the school also has enviable sporting tradition and enjoys conspicuous success in Music, Art, Drama and other fields.  Our aim is to nurture your child’s confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to maximise all aspects of their potential through our very special commitment to the educational, pastoral and co-curricular aspects of modern education, embracing the full range of academic, cultural, sporting and social interests.

We can do all this because we are large enough to have some top-class facilities but sufficiently small for everyone to flourish as part of one big family. Our dedicated, highly qualified teaching staff and our equally dedicated support staff know all the pupils in the school, with relationships built on trust, mutual respect and a determination to succeed.

Founded in 1923 by an inspirational teacher called Mab Bradley, she believed that children learn best when they are happy and educated in a family-like atmosphere. She gave us our motto, “The days that make us happy make us wise”. We continue to uphold this, and provide much, much more.

We know that once cannot underestimate the importance of location, and we know that children thrive in our idyllic location.