The Early Show

The Early Show has been a way for us to create a programme of personal development during this period of virtual learning. Mr Instone’s ‘chat show’ format has become our ‘virtual assembly’ until such a time we can all come together again. This approach has allowed us to offer enrichment in a light hearted, gentle way as well as giving insight into a vast array of unusual professions.

In episode 12, this week, tackles a grand theme for us all. Terry and Mr Instone confront the possibility that reality might not be what it seems. With the help of their special guest explore issues around the meaning and purpose of life, hinting at issues of self esteem and mental health. Their guest is BBC award winning comedian, Silky, who has also run a national chain of comedy clubs as well as delivering corporate training in improvisation and speaking skills.

If you’ve not watched an Early Show before, this is one you need to see all the way through. Don’t be fooled by the irreverent silliness: one of our most hard hitting messages permeates throughout which in many ways is an exploration of our motto: The days that make us happy make us wise. They do indeed.

We hope you have enjoyed watching the shows and listening to our guests and of course all the past shows are all available to watch on our YouTube channel.