The day the sun slipped away,
The rain came down on Whitby Bay.
It hid away behind a cloud,
Then came a distant rumbling sound.
Whilst thunder claps of quivering cloud,
Boomed and crashed so very loud.
Lightning crackled in the thundering sky,
Diamond bright flashes streaking by.
Then came a shower of stinging hail,
Icy blasts of the stormy gale.
Trees began to sway and shiver,
And one crashed down into the river.
Stormy waves smashed on the harbour walls,
Whilst the howl of the wind drowned the seagulls calls.
Then the wind gave one final roar,
And the rain ceased its heavy pour.
Slowly the sun struggled free from the grey,
And shone once again on Whitby Bay.

Skye Telling Year 4