The Big Ride Fundraiser on 28th June 2023

It was a sweltering morning that greeted us on the day of the marathon, the sun high in the sky and the scent of challenge and opportunity drifting on the breeze. Tacking up our horses under the expert eye of riding instructor Coleen, there was a sense of great purpose around the Fyling Hall Stable – a drive to complete the challenging trek that lay before us yes; but even more so a drive to make a difference for those supported by the charities fundraised for by the great excursion. In its essence, the Big Ride as it came to be known, brought together the Fyling Hall community to raise funds for two incredible charities that aid the development of young people throughout the world: Young Minds and the British Exploring Society Through fly-infested forests and over windswept, rainy moors, we embarked on a journey that not only pushed us (and our posteriors) to the limits, but aimed to create a brighter future for young people everywhere.

Soon it was ready to begin and, waved off by the Junior School and some admittedly not-so-encouraging words of encouragement (“Can you even ride?!”), we rode out of the school and into the wilderness known to many as the North York Moors. The route we took (whilst often plagued by clouds of pesky horse flies) was full of natural beauty, with picturesque, wooded glades and stunning coastal views. Once, when trotting over the moorland sun stunned moorland, a curlew with its lurching call swooped over with curved beak gleaming, settling in a tree sat quaintly in the foreground of a Scarborough Castle-filled view. Certainly, the Big Ride’s beauty and our good fortune to be on it, seemed to us as a reminder of the significance of our mission—to create awareness and work to support our two charities that strive to help mental health the way the surroundings (and a good lunch break) did for us.

If you wish to donate to support our initiative the page is still open and every donation is gratefully received

by Tomas and Toby Richardson