Over the summer, Sharron Normanton, Amy McMorrow and myself took up the challenge to re-decorate the sixth form common room.

The PTA very kindly donated a budget for the job after we presented our ideas to the committee. We made sure that our ideas for decorating the common room would be suitable for everyone, and from there on we were left to our own devices and began the lengthy process – following the plan of course. This involved numerous trips to the Paint Centre deciding on our future common room’s colour scheme, spending hours in Ikea wondering which fabric would look better for the cushions, picking the most delightful tea and coffee jars that would best accent the room – whilst Alfie Husband (this year’s head boy) spent his holidays baking our personalised mugs. The mugs make break times a little less chaotic – unless someone steals your mug!

Anna-Luisa Ayckbourn

common room 2

common room 3 proper

common room