That warm fuzzy feeling

I have been back at Fyling Hall School for two weeks now, and I still get that fuzzy warm feeling when I drive through those gates at the top of the drive. It’s really comforting.

Our pupils have done excellently with their results and we are all very proud! Massive congratulations to you all.

We welcomed back our first boarders last weekend. At the moment they are in their quarantine period, so things are a little different to what it was over the Easter break. Although they are limited to what they can do at the moment, our pupils can walk the school grounds. We are lucky as we have such beautiful enclosed surroundings, and it’s good for the pupils to get some of that lovely sea air in their lungs. Meal times are still thoroughly enjoyed. However, all sit at a 2m distance during this period. We have welcomed two new boarders this week, and they are settling in just fine. Although it’s very different we are all doing well.

I am so excited for the start of term next week, I’m counting down the days! I can’t wait to welcome our boarders back and have the houses full of life again, it’s been too long ? I am so looking forward to seeing you all very soon. You will surely get that warm fuzzy feeling too as you come through the gates! Take care and sending lots of love, Miss A xxx

Miss Emma Anders, Head Matron