Thank you very much, Mr and Mrs Jones

This term, Fyling Hall’s English Department has received a very generous donation of ten Chromebooks from the parents of students Daisy and Oscar Jones – thank you very much, Mr and Mrs Jones.  

This new resource will enable students in classrooms to not only access the internet, but will also help pupils who find it easier to type documents to produce high quality work. 

Mr Thomas, our Head of English, is very impressed by how this new technology has helped his classes and had this to say about the positive impact the Chromebooks have already had on his classes: 

“The new Chromebooks provide a very welcome addition to our department; they are perfect for researching authors, poets, playwrights, and contexts and allow those of our students with specific learning needs to plough on with their work unfettered from the laborious difficulties they might experience with handwriting and unleash their creativity!” 

Once again, thank you very much, Mr and Mrs Jones!

Natasha Milner, Teacher of English

Pictured using the Chromebooks in Mrs Milner’s Year 7 English lesson are Daisy and Peter