Thank Fyling it’s Friday!

At Fyling Hall, we like to thank Fyling it’s Friday! It is often the favourite day of the week for pupils and staff. Not because it is the end of the working week, but what Friday afternoon has in store! Fridays are the one day of the week when over two-thirds of the school are involved in some form of physical activity.

At 2pm there is a buzz of excitement as you hear the Junior School walking past the staff room. Every pupil is kitted out in their waterproof clothing, ready for an afternoon of outdoor education in their forest school classroom. Mindfulness and team challenges are central to much of what they do, along with den building, making campfires and simply enjoying being outdoors!

Following on the forest theme, we have regular guided Young Ranger sessions by the North Yorks Moors Ranger service. Pupils learn about outdoor maintenance and the importance of looking after our outdoor areas. The afternoon’s session can include selective clearing of plants, tidying pathways to rebuilding steps and repairing styles.

Some pupils get saddled up; some on bikes, others on horseback for an afternoon of adventure on many of the local bridleways. This links back to the importance of the ranger service and ensuring that pupils learn that these public rights of way also need to be maintained and not just used.

At the same time, we have many of the seniors at Whitby Leisure Centre using the gym facilities, whilst others remain in the sports hall for basketball and badminton sessions.

What is so special about Friday is that all the activities you see take place every week! Thank Fyling it’s Friday!