Teamwork and Camaraderie

Over the course of the first two weeks of school Fyling Hall pupils have participated in six sporting fixtures across a multitude of sports and venues. These fixtures so early in the school term offer the pupils far more than the physical benefits highlighted by Mr. Coates. The participation in sporting fixtures allows pupils an intense opportunity of teamwork and camaraderie that is hard to experience in any other facet of school life.

I can vouch for this intensive experience personally, often playing rugby or cricket on my free weekends. The value of the teamwork for children however, is paramount to their development of personal relationships and a holistic sense of belonging, something that can be particularly valuable at the beginning of a new school year. Although regular games lessons and after school sports clubs offer opportunities to develop teamwork and communication skills, they don’t quite foster the same ‘us against them’ mentality that’s experienced when representing Fyling Hall against another school.

It’s this mentality that puts all school yards stoushes aside and unites our pupils, driving them towards the same goal. Whether it’s on the rugby field, hockey pitch, netball court or football ground. Whether they’ve won, lost or drawn and whether they realise it or not. Every time our pupils pull on a Fyling Hall playing top and represent the school with their peers, they are gaining valuable skills far beyond those physically associated with the sport they’re playing.

Justin Mayne

Mulgrave House and Sports Department