Taking this year’s mathematicians to their next level

We have a new year ahead of us and I am thrilled to be back teaching in the classroom after a lovely long Summer break which was well deserved by all. We bid farewell to last year’s GCSE and A Level students as well as our much-loved former Head of Maths Ms Mitchell, and welcome some familiar faces in the new year groups as well as some new faces, both pupils and staff.

Assisting me and Mr Parker in taking this year’s mathematicians to their next level, I am delighted to say that we are joined by Miss Dickinson who brings with her a wealth of experience. A graduate of the University of Southampton, and the University of California, Miss Dickinson has spent most of her career teaching in International schools both in the UK and USA. Her knowledge of the UK GCSE and A Level system, the US High School Diploma and the International Baccalaureate brings a global understanding of education, which she hopes will benefit our diverse and cosmopolitan student body.

As the new Head of Maths I know I can rely on the great support from parents and fellow colleagues that I have enjoyed ever since joining Fyling Hall and our pupils’ enthusiasm and perseverance will bring them their just rewards. I intend to continue in much the same way with the great work and love of maths that Ms Mitchell made her hallmark and our students are very accustomed to.  I very much look forward to taking this year’s mathematicians to their next level.

Peter Walsh, Head of Maths