Taking part in the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge

It has been a busy week in maths with nearly 30 students from Years 9, 10 and 11 taking part in the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge. This challenge is a 60-minute, multiple-choice competition aimed at students across the UK. It encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems. 

The problems on the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge are designed to make students think. Most are accessible, yet still challenge those with more experience. There was some serious practise undertaken before the challenge so by Thursday the excitement was building with students keen to show what they can do. The online challenge went ahead with only a few minor glitches and we expect the results after half-term when we hope some students will have progressed to the next round.

As you can see it is not all hard work and as it was Children’s Mental Health Week we looked at ways of keeping happy and positive. Year 13 Further Mathematicians do not take themselves too seriously and opted for ridiculous headwear. Year 12 also looked cheerful but less ridiculous. 

All years have continued to work very hard on their maths and on Friday afternoon Year 9 and 10 finished the week with a relaxing mathematical game. You may want to have a go yourselves at Balloon Pop, not very mathematical, from one of my favourite sites ‘Maths is Fun.’ Try beating David’s score, from Year 9. He got an amazing score of 83! My highest was 12 😢

Ms Jane Mitchell, Head of Maths