Sunday: Snow, Skating and Cinema

“As the snow came down over the moors and the temperature decided to drop, we went out on a trip to go ice skating in Billingham! With some students clearly having done this before, whilst others stepped onto the ice a little more cautiously (me included!), we got our balance and soon let go of the edge. There were a few wet bottoms from falling, but thankfully we all survived relatively unscathed. The student most graceful at falling definitely goes to Olivia Coates whilst most impressive certainly goes to Annabel Head. Alvaro Pescador was clearly an experienced skater with Bel McMahon casually going backwards and skating on one leg! The students helped each other around the rink and many who thought that they couldn’t skate found out that actually, they can.

A few blisters later, we followed Mr Batchelor’s interesting directions to Teesside Park to put our feet up and watch either Hunger Games or Spectre. Lots of popcorn and tired students (or should I say staff?) we made it back a little late for dinner and a much needed cup of tea.”

Miss Walker