Summer Postcard Challenge

Fyling Hall’s Year 7 Tutor, Mrs Jeeves, has launched a Summer Postcard Challenge. She is asking incoming Year 7 students to “tell me something about yourself.” Without a physical transition day, learning more about our incoming students will give us the best possible start. As Mrs Jeeves explains. . . .

My name is Lizzie Jeeves and I am lucky enough to be the year 7 tutor for this year. I wanted to contact you before most schools break up for the summer to help begin the process of transition into year 7. 

I know for many pupils this can seem overwhelming; with new uniform, new faces to meet and new routines to follow. This year is especially unknown given the changes and restrictions that may well be in place in September. At this stage I simply want to reassure your children that year 7 at Fyling Hall will be a fun and engaging place to learn. We have a lot of fun in our tutor sessions, getting to know each other, setting each other challenges to complete and sharing what we have learnt across the school. 

I am also available as a first port of call for any pupil who is having a hard time with transition, is worried about something or has a problem. As I tell the pupils, I am on their side if they have a problem at all. We will see each other every morning for register and often get the chance to catch up at lunchtime too. 

I know pupils have all missed out on taking part in physical transition day, I can not wait to get to meet them all soon. In the meantime, I would love to see what our new pupils are up to over the summer and get to know them a little. Please send me a postcard at school on the address below. Tell me something about yourself, something you are looking forward to in September and maybe something you are doing over the summer holidays. 

The Summer Postcard Challenge has also been taken up by other areas of the school including our Junior School and as a way of keeping in touch with our international students. We cannot wait to receive our postcards!