Subjects I love and the ones I don’t

Subjects I love and the ones I don’t

Now that I have been at Fyling Hall School for almost a month and a half, I know which subjects I love and the ones I don’t. Just like everyone else, I have more than one favourite subject, because there are loads of fun and cool subjects- not like back home where I dislike most of the teachers and subjects!

One of my favourite subjects is Games, but particularly horse-riding. What I like the most about horse-riding is not only the lovely feeling of riding a horse without any other preoccupation, but also just knowing that I am riding in a horse in the middle of a long, beautiful beach during school time. This is something that amazes me, because in Spain it would be unthinkable.

Another subject I like a lot is English as a Second Language, or ESL, not only because I love learning new things, but because we learn them in a fun way. We play games like the alphabet game, which makes sus think and remember plenty of vocabulary. Or we do creative and interesting things like colourful oral presentations about trips or other such things.

Finally, my other favourite subject is art, and not only because we don’t need to study or do exams like in other subjects. It is one of my favourites because it’s a time when we can show our feelings on paper and be as creative as we want.

In conclusion, I love most of the subjects that we have even if I like some more than others, but all of them are amazing. And there are really awesome teachers that have no problem helping us with anything.

Elena, Year 10