Last week, the 6th Form had a visit from the ‘Student Finance Services’ to inform us of the possible financial help offered to students for their university fees. The visiting speaker also gave the students reasons why they should go to university and what university has to offer, besides degree qualifications. She outlined the many other opportunities that become available to university students, such as representing the university in team sports and gap years to help communities in third world countries. She also elaborated that we shouldn’t be concerned about the financial part of going to university as the government offers many discounts and living allowances for students. We found out that there are different finances that are available to students such as loans and bursaries. She explained how the prices differ for each student depending on the earnings of the parents or guardian and how the loans are written off if the student in question doesn’t earn over £21k per year as their salary. The information we were given was incredibly beneficial and helped in our decision making for the future.

Marion Terry and Anna Bettney

financial services