2023 Expedition to the Canadian Yukon

By Tomas and Toby Richardson

Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

For us, these two roads manifested themselves in the form of a phone call from the highly regarded British Exploring Society, proffering the opportunity of a lifetime: a much sought after position on the 2023 expedition to the Canadian Yukon.  

What is the British Exploring Society?

The British Exploring Society is a youth development charity founded on the belief that challenging experiences have the incredible power to change lives, whilst also helping to protect and research the beautiful and fragile environments of the world. Not only does it inspire young people around the globe to continue their passion for adventure and the outdoors into later life, but it also plays a vital role in collecting fieldwork data, helping local community conservation and improving educational opportunities. Early expeditions collected specimens for the Natural History Museum and British Museum, whilst more recent ones have worked with notable universities, Non-Government Organisations and world-respected scientists in order to gather invaluable scientific data in areas such as the effect of climate change on remote areas, and the damaging presence of tourists in fragile ecosystems and habitats.

What will we do on the expedition?

The expedition we have been offered a place on, will take a group of explorers into the wilderness of the Canadian Yukon for over three weeks, where we will face challenges designed to develop courage, integrity, resilience, and motivation. These challenges will include trekking and camping in remote and mountainous terrain, bushcraft and camp-craft skills, and canoeing on the lakes of the Kluane National Park. The British Exploring Society prides itself on contributing essential scientific data which plays a massive role in the protection and knowledge of the area being explored, and thus this will be a key aspect of the expedition.

Although the society has not disclosed the scientific area which we will be researching in the Yukon, past expeditions have tracked glacial movement, population fluctuation in native flora, and have provided new data on black bear populations. For us, the expedition presents itself as an incredible opportunity for self-development, and a chance to contribute to revered professional research.

Inspiring Younger Children

On returning from the expedition, we will be taking part in numerous presentations in which we talk about our personal experiences, as well as help inspire younger children to chase opportunities for education and adventure in the great outdoors.


We have each been tasked with the raising of £3,000 towards the British Exploring Society – a task that we are hoping to fulfil via a host of fundraising ideas and events that are listed below so you don’t miss a thing!

On Thursday 9th March, we will be hosting our very own Fyling Hall quiz night – with parents, teachers and 6th form alike invited to test their razor minds and wicked wits in a battle for intellectual superiority – featuring topics that delve into the chasmic depths of General Knowledge. From Dickens to Dire Straits; to Dodecahedrons and dandelions; no quiz whizz will want to miss this opportunity to fully flex their fact fuelled finesse. And when you thought it couldn’t get better, there will be a selection of snacks and nibbles throughout the night, and perhaps even a tipple or two!

Also coming up in the calendar is a sponsored marathon, in which our physicality will be put to the test in a 26-mile run, cycle and horse-ride to the Hole of Horcum. On the morning of the big day, there will be a coffee morning before our departure, and donations or sponsorships would be very much welcome before we set off.

Embrace your inner shopping-bug with our forthcoming cake and book sales. Whether it be fiction or non-fiction, astronauts or artistry; these sales with have something for you – and with the addition of cake and tea, what could be better?!

The first bake and book sale will be on Friday 10th February at the parents’ afternoon!

Finally, we are offering grade-9 GCSE tuition to anyone who needs a little extra nudge in the right direction. Be it English, maths or any of the sciences, give us a message or ask us directly at school! Our emails are as follows: