Student Engineering Competition – Creating Innovative Local Solutions

Four Sixth Form students at Fyling Hall School recently completed their entry for the award wining ICE CityZen competition. This innovative concept created by the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) is “a fusion of a digital game, insight into STEM topics and skills development.”. The Fyling Hall student engineering team first took part in several rounds of the online game and then produced a short video. The video pitches their civil engineering solution to a local problem and showcases what they learnt from the game. 

This competition was a challenging team activity and introduced our students to what a career in civil engineering might offer. It was designed by the ICE to support STEM subjects, including Design and Technology and Geography at GCSE and A-Levels and to help young people develop problem-solving, team-work and critical thinking skills. 

Megan (year 12) shares more about the entry;

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Institute of Civil Engineers – Student Engineering Competetion

Protecting the environment is a big part of our school life. Many of us attend eco-club hoping to make an impact. We were introduced to a student engineering competition by our head of science and runner of eco-club Mrs. Aldous. She informed us that we would not just be constructing a plan to help our local area, but also help contribute to the environment and local satisfaction. That, combined with the £1000 cash prize for first place and a day off school to visit Westminster, guaranteed our participation in the challenge!

Before starting the actual project element of the challenge, we had to complete a series of tasks which would introduce the role of a civil engineer. Now, we had the problem of thinking outside the box and producing a plan that would help not only the environment, but locals and traffic too.

Finally, we produced a plan to integrate kinetic tiles around Whitby centre. That would power electric buses – reducing carbon emissions. Filming it, however, posed a challenge! We needed to film in various locations as well as stand out against other contestants. With a lot of extra work, we managed to finish the project within a week and altogether it was a fulfilling experience.

Please contact us to learn more about this and other STEM and engineering competitions that Fyling Hall School is taking part in.