Student Art and Creativity: Photography Competition Success

Three students from Fyling Hall School entered the Rotary Club Photography Competition last month. Congratulations to Emilie Moss for winning first place in the 14- 17 age group with her photograph above. To Izzy Greenwood, for second place in the 11-13 age group, and to Jack Lord, for joint third place in the 11-13 age group. At Fyling Hall everyone is encouraged to explore and cultivate their creative skills and we are proud of the art students produce. GCSE art and A-Level art are popular in the senior school, and Year 12 and 13 students wishing to specialise in art can also opt for A-Level Photography or A-Level Ceramics. Whether students go on to exam level art or not, we aim to inspire a real love of the subject that goes beyond the classroom! It’s great to see students out and about using their camera’s to create these pieces. The art department is delighted to share the photographs with you.

The Beauty of Architecture

The theme for the recent competition was ‘The Beauty of Architecture’. Students were asked to describe how their entries related to the theme.

Emilie’s photograph is featured at the top of this post. She writes…..

I was inspired to take the photo on holiday in Italy this summer when I saw the warm sun on the beautiful architecture, contrasting with the blue sky.

Emilie’s photograph has gone forward to take part in the District 1040 Final. The winner of that round of the competition will then take part in the National Final.

Photograph by Izzy Greenwood


‘After a Church remembrance service in St Hilda’s, Whitby, I looked up and saw the stunning wooden arches and ceiling, and thought how beautiful they would look contrasted against the vibrant red poppies’

Photograph by Jack Lord

Hi, I’m Jack and this is my photograph of Levisham station, on the North Yorkshire Moors railway. I chose this photo because it is an interesting example of 1830s architecture, which is when the station was first built. Levisham station is currently preserved in 1910s – 1920s condition by the heritage railway. I am proud to say I am a volunteer on this railway helping to keep the stations, and the trains on it, alive for future generations to enjoy.

Art at Fyling Hall

The small class sizes and welcoming art room mean everyone from reception and year one up gets plenty of time for practical art lessons. The art curriculum is varied and includes photography, and since the arrival of our new kiln, plenty of ceramics. Perhaps our beautiful location and fresh air provide inspiration and encourage creativity too. Look out for upcoming exhibitions at Fyling Hall, and please contact Mrs. Hema Gillings if you’d like to learn more about art at the school.