Celebrating Student Achievement – Commendations and Prize Day

With Prize Giving coming up next week we celebrate student acheivement! Congratulations to all those who received Spring Term commendations and we are looking forward to more awards on the 6th. 

Recognising Student Achievement at Fyling Hall School

Each term Fyling Hall School pupils have the opportunity to receive commendations. The next certificates will be awarded at the end of term with the winners from each year group and the overall winner announced at Prize Giving Day on 6th July.

Those pupils who received  commendations in the Spring Term are;

Finley – Silver

Megan – Silver

lzzy – Silver

Polly – Bronze

Meg – Bronze

Ava – Silver

Isobel – Silver

Bea – Silver 

Emily – Silver 

Seth – Silver

Florence – Bronze

How To Receive A Commendation

A commendation is a awarded for a positive contribution to school life and recognises student achievement. You can be awarded a commendation by the teachers or the pastoral staff.

For example you might get a commendation for something like this;

An impressive piece of classwork or prep,

Improvement in academic work,

Improvement in an area of school-life,

Improvement in an aspect of life in the boarding house,

Praiseworthy community service,

Qualities shown in drama, music, games and/or extra-curricular activities, such as high standards, improvement, courage and commitment,

Showing particular care and/or concern for others,

Exceptional helpfulness.

If you gain 10 commendations in the term you will receive a Bronze certificate. This will progress to a Silver certificate (20 commendations) and then Gold certificate (30 commendations) if you can maintain this for the following terms.

We are looking forward to seeing how everyone has done and celebrating students’ successes at our annual prize giving.

Prize Giving Day

Prize Giving Day includes the academic awards, large prizes and announcements of the new head girl and head boy and house captains. It includes musical performances and speeches as we look back at the academic year and forward to the next. The morning will end with tea on the terrace.

We look forward to seeing you there as we celebrate the academic year.

British Boarding Academic Awards, Commendations
British Boarding Academic Awards, Commendations
British Boarding Academic Awards, Commendations
British Boarding Academic Awards, Commendations