STEM Activities, Achievements and the Upcoming British Science Week

The first half term of 2024 was full of STEM activities; from national science competitions, to interactive practicals and animal visitors for the junior school, to exciting guest speaker link-ups. Skip down the page for some of the highlights and photos.  Coming up, selected year 10 mathematicians are heading to the AMSP Maths Feast at Teeside University, we have more eco-iniatives and we celebrate British Science Week from 8 – 17 March.

British Science Week At Fyling Hall – What’s On

British Science Week is a 10 day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths”. 2024 is the 3oth anniversary of the event and the theme is TIME.

At Fyling Hall School we really embrace this opportunity across the whole school. There are numerous exciting cross-curricular stem activities, talks and visits planned.

So what can we look forward to?

Monday 11th March
A representative from Anglo-American Mines will give a talk to year 7. This will cover a broad range of topics including what the mine does and the environmental impact of the mine. They will cover careers in the industry as well.

Tuesday 12th March
Years 9 and 10 will go on a class trip to the Railway Museum in York. They will look at the history of engineering and combustion engines. The group will spend time in the new Wonderlab run by the Science Museum Group .

Wednesday 13th March
Year 8 will visit the Whitby museum and investigate natural history through time in the local area.

Year 7 will attend an interactive session about animal adaptation in the local area with Tanya from Fylingdales Moors Education Centre.

Thursday 14th March
This is ‘Pi Day’ a STEM event for all of year 9. Pi (π) is the symbol used in maths to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. As is it approximately 3.14159 or 3.14 it is celebrated on March 14th.

British Science Week Fyling Hall School STEM Activities Science Practical

All Week
Through-out the week there will be in-school activities and projects across the different subjects. And we will also be concentrating on historical figures that have contributed to the particular subjects in a STEM capacity.

STEM Science Practical Experiment Year 10
STEM activities Science Practical Experiment Junior School
STEM Science Practical Experiment Year 10

Friday 15th – Whole School House Cross-Country

It might not be a STEM activity but it will be a great way to round-off the week! Some physical activity, sports, time together and fresh air in our beautiful surrounding countryside. 

STEM At Fyling Hall January – February 2024

So much happened in the short first half-term of the year – here are a few highlights.

National Science Competions

Congratulations to all the students who took part in the Biology Olympiad and Chemistry Olympiad. These advanced problem-solving competitions are designed to challenge and inspire. We’re proud of everyone who took the opportunity to push themselves.

Owls & Snakes Up Close

Junior School pupils got a chance to meet and learn about owls and snakes. Thanks to Whitby Falconers who brought the animals into school for the day.

Live Link-Up With The Antarctic

Following the visit from scientific researcher, Dr Ewan Wakefield last month, our students had the exclusive opportunity for a live link up with Dr Wakefield in the Antarctic. They explored the research base and witnessed the remarkable work being done in this remote environment – covering seabird ecology and climate change. From adorable snow petrel chicks to specialized vehicles, this offered a rare glimpse into Antarctic life. 

STEM Science Practicals Junior School
Science practicals STEM Junior School
Fyling Hall School STEM Science Guest Speakers


Eco-Updates from Fyling Hall

The Eco-Committee’s initiative to recycle that hard-to-recycle waste is well underway. Posters and collection points can be seen around the school. We encourage everyone to get involved. Our student committee is managing the whole process. They are also now birdwatching around the school grounds. The research will inform their decisions on where to place bird-feeders to increase biodiversity.

Next the Eco-Club will be planting rhubarb, celery and nasturtium! All students are welcome at the Eco-Club Tuesday after school. After Easter there will be a lunch time Eco-Club for years 7-9.

Science STEM Fyling Hall School
STEM Science Fyling Hall Guest Speaker
STEM Science Bird Watch Fyling Hall
Science Fyling Hall