The start of spring

Don’t you just love the start of spring? Take a look at these beautiful scenes of nature from Fyling Hall and ‘up track’ kindly provided by Mrs Richardson.

As well as primroses and daffodils there are also bluebell shoots and blossom starting to come out, lambs in the fields and lots of bird activity as they look for nesting sites. The great spotted woodpeckers have been particularly noisy in the school gardens and in the woods, drumming to mark out their territory. Miss Anders and I also spotted a roe deer in the woods on our walk last week, and Dr Richardson thought he heard a chiffchaff in the gardens. As one of the first migrants to return to our shores, the chiffchaff also heralds the start of spring. 

In addition to being one of Fyling Hall’s Junior School teachers, Mrs Richardson is one of the six member of staff on site looking after our remaining international students.