art school

Art School

The art department at Fyling Hall art school is an integral part of the school, both for students and those with a passion for art. All pupils are encouraged to explore and cultivate their creative skills, and the art room itself is a friendly and welcoming place designed to inspire and encourage young artists. We strive to give our students a love for art and the ability to express themselves through creativity.

Art School Facilities

Our Art School Studio is a large, light and airy space that is used both during and after the school day and lunchtimes. Students are encouraged to use the art room in prep and in their free time, and art work by pupils is on permanent display. A fully stocked resources room is also open during school hours, and there are computers available for research and essay work.

Fyling Hall’s art studio includes a kiln and – soon to be added – pottery wheel for ceramics and a printing press to enable pupils to produce etchings, collorgraphs and lino printing. . The entire school, from Year 5  up, have regular pottery or ceramics and printing modules as part of their art lessons. Alongside fine art, students wishing to specialise, can opt for photography, fine art or ceramics A Level courses.

The stunning scenery the school is located in is an important resource that the pupils are encouraged to use and take inspiration from.

Art School Exhibitions

The Art Studio is in a permanent state of movement when it comes to exhibiting the student’s work, with a constant rotation of art work on the walls. Every summer an exhibition is held displaying the work of the A-level students both in the art room and in the barn, to which the wider community is invited. Pieces are also on display elsewhere in the school: student art work is a continuous theme throughout Fyling Hall.

You can view our on-line exhibition space here.