Sports & The Arts School

Sports & The Arts is integral to life at Fyling Hall School and we have an outstanding reputation, past and present. Not everyone can match the recent success of Fyling Hall Old Pupils’, Jamie Noon and Rachel Bamford, in representing England, but all our students are encouraged to achieve their personal best. The challenge, teamwork and sheer fun of the sports field help young people develop confidence and self-discipline – the foundation for a healthy, well-rounded adult life.

Horse Riding at School

Horse-riding is very much part of the Fyling Hall Sports & The Arts School tradition, and our eight horses and ponies are greatly loved members of the community. The 5 star rated stable yard lies within the school grounds and students can opt to ride for one of their weekly games lessons. Students ride in the countryside, refine skills in the arena we have marked out in one of our fields, and learn formal stable-management skills and horse care.

Sports & The Arts School

Sports & The Arts School Drama

Fyling Hall is in many ways founded on the principles of drama and the stage. Mrs White, our former Principal was a professional actress for many years and her legacy continues with our current cohort of young actors, instilling confidence, poise and communication skills in all our pupils. We study practical qualifications from year 10 onwards with a focus on performance and evaluation rather than a final written exam. There are numerous opportunities to be involved in drama and performance at Fyling Hall.

Sports & The Arts School

Sports & The Arts School Music

Music at Fyling Hall is a thriving, popular department where pupils are encouraged to take part in all music events, appreciate listening to music, and compose their own pieces reflecting their interests and lifestyle. There are concerts, individual lessons, groups, bands, choirs and performances to take part in as extra-curricular activities and vocational training options within the curriculum.


At Fyling Hall all pupils are encouraged to explore and cultivate their creative skills, and the art room itself is a friendly and welcoming place designed to inspire and encourage young artists. We strive to give our students a love for art and the ability to express themselves through creativity. Students can study Art, including ceramics, photography and printing within the school day and visit the art studio at lunch time and after school. Throughout the year we hold exhibitions of students’ work.