Some great activities to come

This term still has some great activities to come, from quad biking around a local circuit and tree-top climbing around one of the UKs largest agility circuits. We even have a little morning golfing session mixing both a driving range and a 9-hole golf course followed by a much-needed full breakfast. 

As always, I am trying to find new places and new activities for pupils to engage in. It takes a lot of time and negotiations, but I am creating new relations with both the local community and within the region.  

The previous term still had the ring of Covid affecting the activities. Pupils were unable to attend, trips were cancelled on the odd occasion due to venue problems. This term, thanks to the new rules, there should be no further issues with this. It also means that some venues are opening up in full effect. At the end of term there is a trip to one of the local theme parks and they have said that by the end of the summer term they should be fully operational. 

Activities throughout the year are designed predominantly for fun and leisure, but they have also allowed our boarding community to integrate more with our daily pupils. They have given pupils an option to move out of their comfort zone and make the most of their surroundings. Most importantly they have allowed the pupils to grow as people and learn to work as part of a team and stand out as an individual. It has been a pleasure to watch this happen and also to see the happiness it has given pupils. 

Simon ParkerTeacher of Physical Education and Mathematics & Boarding Activities Co-ordinator