„klein, aber fein“

In German I can put it easily in 3 simple words: Fyling Hall School is: „klein, aber fein“ 🙂

Our daughter’s time at Fyling Hall (has come) to an end, and we like to thank you for all the efforts you all have made. Reading her report, I find many things stated – good and still to improve – that I also see and agree with. I am very sure, that our daughter learned a lot about herself, about different cultures, about taking oneself back and seeing things from a different point of view. I was delighted about your support for our daughter’s singing and music efforts and also drama. Our daughter stated, that the student – teacher relationship is so much more personal, closer, more friendly and the study atmosphere is based on respect – other than often in Germany. 

I always knew our daughter in good and qualified hands, and I am sure she takes home many valuable memories, fabulous experience, new friendships, new attitudes, knowledge and skills – thanks to the work, time and effort you all put into your work. 

So once more: thank you so much for what you did for her.

I am sure it is not a good bye for ever. We will be back someday, for we also loved your part of the country, is just so beautiful!

Parents of one of our recent short term students who intended to stay for one term and stayed for three.