Skye’s Toy inspired music

Have a listen to Skye’s Toy inspired music! Composed by Fyling Hall’s Junior School pupil, Skye, this fantastic piece is inspired by the Junior School’s whole school topic of Toys.

Skye’s composition is based on her short story about a rocking horse. Amazing!

You may recall that the Toys topic is covered each afternoon by all students across the Junior School. Headteacher, Mrs Freer, chose the topic because it has endless possibilities and perhaps most importantly, because pupils can do the work independently and enjoy it. Who would have thought that it would lead to Skye’s Toy inspired music?

Miss Stewart, Skye’s music teacher, was very impressed with her work and commented,

Lockdown is producing some amazing ideas!! Absolutely fantastic composition, Skye ? ? ? ??.

I suggested she use major and minor keys if possible, so in the middle of the piece – which tells the sad part of the story – she changes the music to a minor key to reflect the sadness. Then she cleverly modulates back to the major key for the happy ending. Masterstroke!

Skye’s composition is based on her story of a rocking horse, also inspired by the Toys topic.