Pastoral Care

The quality of the school’s pastoral care is excellent, strongly supporting the pupils’ personal development in accordance with the schools aims to develop the self-confidence of all pupils‘ (ISI Inspection)

Due to our small size, strong relationships can be forged between Fyling Hall‘s staff and pupils. This allows us to meet the individual needs of each child. Pupils quickly come to feel part of our community, and this is the key to the family-like atmosphere. Providing guidance, support, advice and a safe environment encourages our pupils to be independent and play an active role in school life. We strive to create a relaxed, yet purposeful learning environment, where everyone can express themselves and fulfil their potential.

All pupils are allocated tutor groups where a tutor is assigned to support, monitor and guide, as well to as act as an important link to home. However much of our pastoral care also happens on a day to day informal basis. Relations between staff and pupils are strong: we engage with, and know the children well and as a result, we are able to recognise when they may need further guidance and support.

“All the teachers make me feel extremely welcome and are always ready to help when I’m struggling whether it’s Maths, English or Music they are always ready to help.”

Year 10 student

“At first I was anxious about arriving, but after 20 minutes I felt at home” – Boarding student”

Boarding student