sixth form

Sixth Form

Fyling Hall’s Sixth Form (year 12 and 13) offers an academically rigorous teaching environment within a supportive family-like community. We offer our Sixth Formers the opportunity to become independent adults who are able to challenge themselves, both personally and academically, in order to achieve and realise their own potential.

Our flexible programmes of study are tailored to meet the individual needs of each pupil, something that larger institutions cannot always offer. Fyling Hall has a tradition of getting students into top universities, which is down to the quality of teaching and the individual approach we can offer. 

We encourage our students to become critical and independent thinkers, to get involved in our diverse enrichment programme and to take on positions of responsibility. All Sixth Formers take part in the Making a Difference programme involving community, volunteering and/or charity work.

We are proud of the happy, successful and confident individuals who graduate from our Sixth Form, equipped for life in an ever changing world. 

Our Sixth Form Programme of Study

As well as a comprehensive range of A Level and AS Level courses Fyling Hall offers practical, vocational qualifications in both drama and music these courses carry the same UCAS points as A Levels and offer students greater flexibility and provide academically rigourous, industry relevant, contemporary qualifications. Students are generally expected to take an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which carries additional UCAS points.


Sixth Form is more than an academic jump it is about independent living, personal development and preparing for a seamless transition to the next stage of life. Students play an active part in school life and take on responsibilities. They mentor younger students, support the Junior School (for example helping with maths, reading buddies, leading dance groups), lead our charity fundraising initiatives, lead school councils, organise events, become senior prefects and so much more.

What Our Students Say

Year 12 and Year 13 students comment on how helpful the small class size and close relationship between staff and students are in reaching their full potential. Things are very different in Sixth Form to the rest of the school, with study programmes based around the subjects they are passionate about and access to teachers outside of lesson time for guidance and to reinforce learning. They appreciate the flexibility and nurturing environment of our small school. 

“School in the Sixth Form is different to the younger years. You are only studying the subjects you want.” – Current year 12 student

“It is easy to get extra support from the teachers. If you fall behind they will help you.” – Current year 13 student

Fyling Hall Sixth Form Fact Sheet

  • Entry to the Sixth Form is open to those who have the desire to further their education and who have good GCSE (or equivalent) passes.
  • We routinely ask for at least a grade 5 at GCSE in the subject, but this is not absolute and there are exceptions.
  • The previous study of a subject is not always essential to be admitted onto the year 12 course.
  • There are about 40 students in the Sixth Form with an average class size of 5.
  • Most of our students study four subjects at AS but, depending on the abilities or career plans of the individual student, three or five subjects might be more appropriate.
  • AS courses are normally completed at the end of Year 12 and students are then ready to finalise choices for Year 13 A2 (A Level) courses.
  • Students can access after-school study groups which have a significant role in providing students with key exam techniques and practice.
  • Students with good AS passes are encouraged to study A2 level in 3 or 4 subjects, though individual students may elect to study more subjects or fewer.
  • The timetable is only constructed after students finalise their options to accommodate the preferences of as many as possible.
  • Specialist support with University applications is provided. Including weekly timetabled lessons.
  • Most upper Sixth Formers (year 13) gain places at their first choice universities.
  • Careers guidance, is available from the school Careers Officer and regular career talks with outside speakers are arranged.
  • Students take on roles of responsibility such as chairing school and food councils, charity fundraising, mentoring for younger students, organising the final end of term events.
  • In order to become well-rounded individuals and be able to adapt to a changing world, students take part in a diverse enrichment programme.
  • Many students choose to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh awards.
  • Sixth Form students do not wear school uniform but there is a dress code.
  • Sixth Form students have a common room with kitchenette and a study centre.


Why Fyling Hall?

Choosing where to be for Sixth Form is very important you need to know that your academic needs are met and that you will excel, you also need to enjoy your time and grow in confidence and independence. Fyling Hall offers the perfect balance and you will be able to thrive in our beautiful and nurturing environment. Fyling Hall graduates are happy, successful and confident individuals who are equipped for life in an ever changing world. 

  • Being small, much smaller than a Sixth Form college, you will never get lost in the crowd and will benefit from our personalised approach. Fyling Hall Sixth Formers enjoy flexibility and freedom but are fully supported in their studies. This will allow you to focus and get the most out of your time.
  • Teachers get to know all the students and can offer regular guidance and advice on studies, enrichment opportunities and next steps. It will help you to manage your time and ensure you meet your deadlines whilst still enjoying extra-curricular activities.
  • You will be part of warm family-like community and make firm friends for life.
  • You will have on-going personalised advice and guidance on careers, university applications and how to build a fantastic application so that when the time comes to move on you will be prepared and in the best possible position.
  • Our teaching is tailored to each individual’s needs with 1:1 reinforcement of learning and we offer regular evening or weekend revision lessons.
  • You can’t beat our stunning location – surrounded by nature, full sea-views and beautiful gardens you will feel inspired and more able to relax and focus. But for those wanting some time in a city we run regular Sixth Form only trips including activities and dinner.
  • Fyling Hall offers great flexibility in your subject choices and study programme – something that cannot be matched in larger organisations with ‘options blocks’. Nearly all students are able to study exactly the subjects they want.
  • If you wish to horse-ride then Fyling Hall is the place to be, with on-site stables and optional riding taking place within the school day.
  • We have strong ties with local sports and leisure clubs for those wishing to take part competitively or recreationally.
  • You will receive clear advice on work experience and volunteering in order to support your chosen career path or university application.
  • Joining Fyling Hall from another country is an excellent way to prepare for a UK University, we will support you in making the right choices, understanding the process (and the country), getting the experience and qualifications you need, and gaining a place at University.

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