Sixth Form have made a very positive start

Fyling Hall’s Sixth Form have made a very positive start to the term, and are delighted to be back in school. Y13s are eager to make up for work/time missed, and our new Year 12s are settling in well.

Once again, congratulations to our Head students and new announced prefects:

  • Head students – Archie, Phoebe and Kian
  • Prefects  – Rory, Manfred, Gerard, Perdi and Kyra
  • New Prefects this year – Hee Joo, Sophie and Lydia

They are keen to organise some charity events to raise money and awareness of DKMS and Anthony Nolan to support our Junior School pupil, Evie. Clearly opportunities are limited but a cake stall and a scaled down Halloween event are in the pipeline. Phoebe is organising an assembly about the charity for the 6th Form and several students have already completed the swab test.

In addition, many are completing personal statements for UCAS at the moment. They have an internal deadline of 23rd October. Pupils are encouraged to include examples of their A levels and study skills. Any pieces of outstanding work, individual research, presentations, group work, use of IT, reading beyond the course material that they have completed is helpful.  A good example of this is Hee Joo’s participation in the Girls’ Maths Olympiad. It is fantastic we have a student with the talent and enthusiasm to take part in such a prestigious competition.

We are delighted how Sixth Form have made a very positive start to the term and look forward to hearing more about their plans as the year progresses.

Ms Jane Mitchell, Head of Sixth Form