Sirius poster winners

Take a look at Fyling Hall‘s Sirius poster winners! Congratulations to Oona, Skye and Isabelle!

Sirius poster winner, Oona
Oona’s winning poster
Sirius poster winner, Skye
Skye’s winning poster
Sirius poster winner, Isabelle
Isabelle’s winning poster

Primary school children across the area recently took part in Sirius’ Health and Safety poster competition. Children designed posters that they thought will help keep the Sirius team – and visitors to their sites – safe. As Heather King, Local Liaison Officer for Sirius explained, “Construction sites can be very exciting but very dangerous places to work. There are lots of safety risks that construction workers and visitors to sites need to take extra care to avoid. . . . We want to ensure that everyone connected with our business returns home safely at the end of every day.”

As a result of their prize drawings, Sirius will be sending the school a small prize and inviting the winners and a teacher to the site for a VIP tour in the Spring. Presenting the awards, Heather added, “Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and taking the time to enter.” Our Sirius poster winners will certainly make an impact on Health and Safety!