After two weekends of trekking, camping, navigating and outdoors cooking sliver D of E 2017 is over. After completing all of our sections (skill, physical and volunteering) for over a year, all that was left was our expedition. This was the two weekends we had been waiting with anticipation for. We had learnt all our skills and were prepared for the practice expedition. After perfecting our navigation skills, cooking skills and teamwork we arrived back after a hot three days camping around sleights and Goathland.

With two weeks to recover, we planned our qualifying expedition route and discussed our aim. The journey was starting at the Hole of Horcum and finishing at Glaisdale. We passed and camped at Newton-on-Rawcliffe and Rosedale Abbey.

The first two days our navigation was challenging yet we completed the walk with time to spare. On the third day with very difficult navigation, we struggled with the map reading in the afternoon, with it getting dark and nearly getting to our original ending point, we went back to school having done enough to pass. Despite going wrong we still felt like we had achieved something after working together to come up with possible solutions.

After our dinner every night we had to work on an aim for the expedition. Our team aim was to learn poems relating to the countryside and nature. After the three days we successfully learnt our poems fluently.

Now, to fully complete our silver D of E, we have to present our aims and tell our fellow students about our D of E experience and what we have learnt from the experience. D of E is not easy, it is challenging and a learning experience but more importantly it’s fun and we are all glad we have finished, all passing.

We have all learnt many new skills we will continue to use. We couldn’t have done it without our leaders and teachers, Miss Dopp and Mr Batchelor. We hope to continue to gold.

Clem Bentley (Year 11)

DofE Silver

DofE Silver2

DofE Silver3

DofE Silver4

DofE Silver5