imageOn Sunday, Fyling Hall School boarding students attended a service at the Methodist chapel in Fylingdales.

During the service, some of our pupils volunteered to take part in the sermon, acting out “The Good Samaritan” and delighting the local congregation with the unscripted performance led by the Minister.

While there, the students presented the parish with over 50 shoe boxes full of gifts donated by the students and parents of Fyling Hall for the annual ‘Christmas Shoe Box’ campaign, organised by the charity “The Samaritan’s Purse”.

image3The students were very moved by a film that showed the terrible conditions suffered by many children around the world, and were enthusiastic in their gathering of gifts and the £3.00 postage needed for each box.  The school’s charity committee, led by Mrs Griffin, co-ordinated the affair, helping to pack and wrap the boxes thoroughly before they were taken to the church.  Thank you to all those who contributed their time, effort and money to such a marvellous cause.