Shaping our future in the Art Studio

New Art Leaders, Connie and Josh are already shaping our future in the Art Studio, and have taken on their first challenge with a real determination. Having applied for Art Leaders’ programme over the summer, Josh and Connie were keen to start their Y12 and be a part of the art team’s development. On his application, Josh commented,

“Being an Art Leader, means I can focus on bettering our Art Studio environment. Due to our new restrictions we have had to change our photo booth, and I’ve enjoyed being a part of the changes.”

We are all learning all the time and the current climate is no different. Our previous art room set up was not conducive to a social-distanced learning environment. As a result we reviewed it, working to government regulations, school requirements and students’ needs. Talking to our young Art Leaders has been invaluable in achieving the best studio set up.

Connie is our top graded Photography student, achieving a 9, with almost full marks in her GCSE. Having Connie advise students is going to be amazing. When asked what she wanted from the role of Art leader, Connie said,

“It’s going to benefit me when I apply to university and gives me a focus on a variety of tasks related to my passion for photography. I can help out by sharing my skills with other students”

Mr Todd, Art Teacher, added,

“We’re very proud of our students and their involvement in our environment is vital for us all.”

We look forward to more of their and our tenured Art Leaders’ input shaping our future in the Art Studio.

Ms Jo Mansfied, Head of Art