Settling In At Fyling Hall

A New Boarding Student’s Perspective By Oscar Dragten

Pizza night in the common room.

Hello! my name is Oscar Dragten. I’m a new student at Fyling Hall. When I first started boarding here as expected I was a little unsure on how I would settle in. But so quickly I made friends.

What I particularly like about boarding here is the diverse cultures. Everyone is from somewhere different and I think that’s really good for learning new things. There’s so much to discover about traditions and communities. All the teachers make me feel extremely welcome and are always ready to help when I’m struggling whether it’s maths, english or music they are always ready to help.

A Passion for Music

For my GCSE I am of course studying music and music tech! I have always loved music since I was very young. I have been beatboxing, rapping, writing lyrics and making music with my guitar or any instrument I could find. After the age of 12, I started to develop a keen interest in music production, creating my own recording studio in my bedroom and making my own beats and tracks. I established my producer title (Prod. JENKO).

I have a very strong passion for music and performing for me, feels like the best way of expressing myself. And I take my craft very seriously so I can keep my head straight and focus on my goals. I am always prepared, ready and equipped to learn new forms of music. 

Together Students Complete Prep, Relax and Have Fun