Set yourself a new purpose

In January, school started. The first week was a little bit difficult, because I hadn’t studied for a long time- since the last days of school! But then everything was fine.

It was very interesting when everyone at school found out from each other and how they spent Christmas and what gifts they got. It was also very interesting when other foreign students told me about how they spent the New Year at home.

The Christmas holidays were long and I had a good rest. I went to another city, talked with family and friends, had a lot of fun and a good Christmas. I watched a lot of movies and slept a lot. My friends from my home city wrote to me about their New Year and we congratulated each other.

I think the New Year is an opportunity to improve yourself and set yourself a new purpose. I have promised myself to study more, and maybe to find a new hobby. I hope this year will be funny and unforgettable.

Arina, Year 10 boarding student from Russia