Science lesson in the school gardens

Years 5 and 6 recently enjoyed a science lesson in the school gardens as part of their study of living things and their habitats. Trevor and Marina, our wonderful gardeners, talked to us about all of the different plant and animal species which live in the gardens, and all of the things that they do to encourage wildlife. There are lots of different types of bird boxes around the school grounds, from boxes with small holes for birds like blue tits to open boxes for robins and large nesting boxes for owls. Trevor talked to us about all of the different birds of prey that live around the grounds, including buzzards, peregrine falcons, sparrow hawks, kestrels, tawny owls and barn owls. We also saw a tree which is 150 years old and which has a preservation order because it is so old. Trevor and Marina made a hedgehog house and some rabbits made their home there, and squirrels have nested in the owl box! We also had a look at the pond which has tadpoles and newts in it. We learned a lot about the wildlife on our doorstep. Thank you to Trevor and Marina for a really interesting and enjoyable outdoor lesson.

Mrs Richardson

Junior School Teacher