Science – Enrichment, Competitions and Becoming Eco-Positive

STEM, Enrichment and Becoming more Eco Friendly

Science is a popular subject at Fyling Hall, with many opting for one or more of the sciences at A Level. There are plenty of enrichment opportunities – some of the highlights of 2022-23 included British Science Week, field work trips, chemistry and biology olympiads, sustainability activies and developing the Eco-Garden and the Technology Tournament….And 2023-24 is looking to be another exciting year for the science department including national competitions and launching Fyling Hall’s bid to be a green flag (eco-positive) school. Read on to lean more about student acheivments and what we have planned! 

Using Our Location

We are lucky to have such a beautiful and inspiring location, which means that students can regularly get outdoors for science lessons and activities. They have the opportunity to conduct field-work without the need to travel far! 

STEM competition Fyling Hall Sixth Form
Science lessons, chemistry practical Fyling Hall

The Sciences and STEM at Fyling Hall – National Level Science Success

Alongside lessons, A Level (year 12 and 13) and year 9 and 10 students can enter national and international competitions in Chemistry, Biology and Physics. This year they also won categories in the regional Technology Tournament. These provide valuable experience and give students a chance to excel and develop problem-solving skills.

In 2022-23 students achieved great success in the UK Chemistry Olympiad -particularly in the year 12 category. This is the leading chemistry competition for students across Britain and aimed at inspiring young chemists. The Biology Olympiad, saw Fyling Hall pupils receiving silver and bronze awards. In the Intermediate Olympiad Fyling Hall students achieved bronze awards, and year 9 and year 10 students did a fantastic job in the National Biology Competition receiving 3 bronze awards, 4 highly commended and 4 commended.

We are looking forward to more success in 2023-24 and plan to enter the Physics Olympiad alongside Chemistry and Biology. If you’d like to discuss science subject options and details for the sciences please contact the Head of Science, Mrs. Leila Aldous.

Primary STEM Event

Whilst we’re talking about competitions, we are proud to announce the Fyling Hall Primary STEM Avent which will take place on 11th October. Local schools are invited to send one or two (year 6) teams, with the chance to win science equipment for their school. Teams will be presented with an engineering problem to solve and will be marked on teamwork, design, and function. Please help us to spread the word! To book or for more info please contact Head of Science, Leila Aldous on

STEM in Action At Fyling Hall – Enrichment Week Activities

Our enrichment week this year was themed around sustainability and the environment for 2023 with a host of cross-curricular activities. Years 7 to 9 took part in six activities including the development of our new eco-garden – spending the days outside clearing the garden and with hand-on learning. They developed skills out in nature.

Enrichment week also saw pupils up-cycling and making crafts using natural materials. They touched on renewable engineering and took part in a drama workshop about a sustainable product.

Year 10 took part in Fyling Hall’s ‘Apprentice’ style activity, designing and marketing a sustainable cafe that was judged on its environmental credentials as well as their teamwork and innovation.

outdoor learning, science lesson, enrichment week
Eco Garden Science Enrichment
sustainability up-cycling enrichement
outdoor learning, science lesson, enrichment week

Working Towards A Green Flag for Eco-Friendly Schools

Starting in September, Fyling Hall is offically launching its bid to become a Green Flag school. The Green Flag is an international recognised award for eco-positive schools. Students from across the school will form and run an eco-committee – firstly to evaluate what the schools is doing already and what it can do better.

After this ‘audit’ of where we are now, the eco-committee’s task will be to identify 3 areas to develop further. These areas will be chosen from biodiversity, energy, global citizenship, healthy living, litter, marine, school grounds, transport, waste, and water.