Science Practicals – Building Joints, Food Tests, Water Resistance and More.

There are usually plenty of science practicals in a science department, but at Fyling Hall School our small class sizes really help, meaning everyone gets access to all the equipment, space to work and plenty of support from the teachers. Students in younger years also get more science practicals. That hands-on learning develops understanding and allows for concepts to be investigated. It means students are challenged and happy as they learn. Here are just a few of things we’ve been learning about over the last two months;

Year 7 biology students have been investigating the human body, bones and muscles. They learnt about the honeycomb structure of bones. This practical did not require any high-tech equipment! Students made their own bone structure models using only paper and tape and then tested them out for strength!

Moving on to muscles, students enjoyed constructing a working elbow joint!

Year 10 conducted food tests as a required science practical for GCSE – testing what was present in foods. Have a look at the colours in the test tubes and see if you can work it out!

In year 6 the class have investigated water resistance and streamlining and earlier in the term year 12 were extracting DNA!

Alongside this our Sixth Form teams are working through their entry for the ICE Civil Engineering Competition.

Watch what they’ve been doing below.

School Science Fyling Hall School biology year 7
school science biology Fyling Hall School year 10<br />
School science Fyling Hall Junior School year 6
school science year 10, fyling hall school biology